Athletics is the oldest and the most basic of sports, it has been a part of civilization literary since its beginnings. In some ways, it is complex, because it includes very different disciplines, but more fundamentally it is very simple: there is not a lot of room for strategy, the strongest and the fittest person wins.

Even though competitions in athletics are very old and developed, so far betting on them wasn’t as widespread as is the case with other sports, like soccer or NFL. But there are signs that this will change soon. 

Here are some basic things that you need to know if you want to bet on athletics:

The Most Important Events

It would be a crime not to place the modern Olympic Games in the first place when discussing athletics. The Summer Olympics are the ultimate goal for any track and field competitor. There is no higher honor for them than winning a gold medal at the event. In some ways, athletics is almost synonymous with the Olympics as it has been a part of every Summer event since the birth of the modern movement in 1896

Today the athletics competitions consist of track and field events, road running, and racewalking. Cross-country running was initially also a part of the Olympics’ competition, but it was excluded after the 1924 Summer Olympics.

The second most important competition is the World Athletics Championships. It has been held every two years since 1983. This is a chance for an athlete to claim the title of the official best in the world. The history of the World Championships is closely tied to the Olympics: initially, its establishment was a response to the dropping of the men’s 50 km walk from the 1976 Olympic Games.

In the top tier of the World Athletics one-day meeting competitions sits the Diamond League. This is an annual series of elite track and field athletic competitions consisting out of fourteen of the best invitational athletics meetings. Today, the Diamond League also includes events in the United States.

Betting Athletics Online 

So far this sport wasn’t among the most popular ones for bettors. As a result of this, bookmakers often don’t pay close attention and mistakes can easily sneak up in the line. This means that sometimes bettors will have an opportunity to take advantage of this situation and, thanks to the high odds for athletics, winnings can be worth the risk.

Until recently there weren’t too many online bookmakers offering odds on athletics. Mostly because the sport was seen as a sort of specialist area.

But two factors are now changing the situation, potentially in a drastic way. The first one is the success of the Diamond League. This is growing the sport’s profile internationally, and specifically in the United States.

The other factor is further development of the betting market in the USA. Besides operators like Draft Kings, or BetMGM, the Bally’s Mobile Betting expansion and the acquisition of Bet.Works, a technology and services company specializing in iGaming and sportsbook products will surely transform and revolutionize the US betting. It is expected that this development will also drastically improve the situation when it comes to the accessibility of betting on athletics. 

How And To Bet 

The betting options for athletics are mostly quite simple:

Usually, you can bet on the winner of a specific competition or on which specific competitor will be higher placed in the rankings. Until now, other types of bets have been rare when it comes to athletics. For example, bets on the record indicators of a competitor are also sometimes available.

However, two important factors should be considered when betting on athletics:

  1.  Competitions are not tied to a specific season and are held throughout the whole year.
  2.  You can bet on six quite different disciplines: track and field, road running, racewalking, cross country running, mountain running, and trail running.

The first factor implies that you will have to create your own strategy for betting on athletics, and the second one means that you will need to carefully study the characteristics of each of the distinct disciplines.

But, on the other hand, there are no complex rules or game strategies in athletics. In fact, with athletics things are quite simple. You don’t need to rely on complex game systems, like you would do in team sports, to calculate who will be the winner. In athletics, your basic task is to identify stronger, faster, and more skillful competitors. They will always be the winners.

Athletics offers a more basic and direct answer to the question of what defines sports. In an over-complicated world, this has much appeal to many people. And this will probably make it one of the most popular betting options of the future.


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