Do you think you can run 465 kms in 30 days?? YES……465 kms in 30 days.
I created the run30formovember challenge to raise money for Men’s health during Movember 2019. The challenge was to run 1 km per day corresponding to that day of the month. Day 1 was 1 km, day 2 was 2 km, day 5 was 5 kms so on until I hit day 30 when I ran 30 kms. Total kms I ran in 30 days back to back with no rest day was 465 kms!! So to crunch the numbers, that was just over 11 Marathons or 22 half marathons.
Now that’s  a mo – Ben Anderson
As you get see, its not just a physical challenge but also a mental one. Its not something which should be taken lightly. It goes without saying that you need to be physically capable of taking this on. I only had one off day, day 25 will always remind me off what it means to struggle but also to fight another day.

The feeling when you finish….my god it was was amazing. Plenty of happy tears were flowing. My family, plus the crew from my Triathlon and Running squad were there to support me to the very end and its something I get emotional about every time I think about it.

This year I will be starting in Cairns and finishing in Taupo New Zealand and making it a truly global event. If this challenge is something which you can appreciate then go to and join up.
Like my facebook page at run30formovember and keep an eye for updates on when and where I will be running.


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