A Column By Mark Tucker

Australia’s Mark Tucker’s PB’s

Event Result Venue Date
800m 1:51.6h Brighton (GBR) 11.08.2004
1000m ind. 2:28.99 Greencastle (USA) 24.02.2002
1500m 3:41.21 Brisbane (AUS) 03.11.2005
Mile 3:58.37 Aucland (NZL) 23.02.2005
Mile ind. 4:06.33 Bloomington (USA) 16.02.2002
3000m 7:54.09 Norrtälje (SWE) 11.07.2005
5000m 13:33.03 Melbourne (AUS) 20.11.2003
5000m ind. 14:10.57 Indianapolis (USA) 26.01.2002
10,000m 28:44.52 Melbourne (AUS) 04.12.2003
3000mSC 8:41.75 Sydney (AUS) 22.03.2003
5 km Road 14:47 Noosa (AUS) 30.10.2010
10 km Road 28:37 Launceston (AUS) 22.07.2007
15 km Road 44:53 Melbourne (AUS) 29.11.2009
Half Marathon 1:05:09 Sydney (AUS) 17.05.2009
Marathon 2:13:49 Fukuoka (JPN) 07.12.2008
50 km Road 2:53:47 Canberra (AUS) 13.04.2008
I should be sitting here with an Olympic Gold Medal around my neck, 10 million dollars in my bank account, and a view of the ocean from the comfort of my 360-degree balcony. Obviously, I am not (as of writing :-) but if my wild wishes and dreams from...
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