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Continuing Nike’s mission to keep all runners on the run, Nike has released the new Nike React Infinity Run 2. One of Nike’s most tested shoes in history, it features updates informed by extensive scientific testing to create a more intuitive ride, with daily training runs in mind.
The Hoka One One Torrent 2 is a neutral, lightweight trail shoe with aggressive outsole lugs. It is designed for trail runners who want to run fast on varied terrain. It’s a shoe with a modest amount of underfoot cushion,  no where near as much as say the Hoka Speedgoat or EVO Mafaete shoes.  The Torrent 2 is much more like a ‘traditional’ shoe that one of the ‘old school’ brands would release, but with the unique Hoka touches like a 5mm drop, soft foam, and a rocker bottom.
Tested for over 11,000 miles, the UA Flow Velociti Wind is the latest chapter in running innovation with a disruptive design and all-in-one cushioning system that eliminates the rubber outsole. What is the flow state? The feeling you get when you could keep running for miles. The feeling of wanting to keep going one more mile - because you feel so good. The feeling of light, effortless speed. The feeling of the wind at your back. Every runner is searching for that flow state.
“It is so good to have a book that looks into the mindset of the athlete and analyses the critical questions of how to think about training to get the best out of yourself. Bryan Green accepts the ‘how’ and ‘when’ but provides the definitive ‘why’ that separates the...
Under Armour are a company on the rise – quite literally, its stock price is rocketing, and their running shoes too – are on the up. The UA HOVR Machina 2 is a high-tech running shoe. With a propulsion plate made from Pebax, it also ‘coaches you in real-time’ via a Bluetooth chip that  connects to UA MapMyRun™. A neutral high mileage trainer, the Machina is a durable, safe shoe for crunching out those long runs. We whacked 110K into our pair, below is the rundown.
If a higher stack height is correlated to more speed, then ON must have another theory in mind. The Cloudboom is more of a traditional racing flat. There is ample ground feel, and the cushioning feels mild. A vastly different feeling to the Vaporfly road racing shoes so many are used to. Horses for courses.
HOKA took all the good traits from the original Carbon X and stuck with them, while replacing the things that needed some work.  The upper is high-end, providing a snug sock like fit with an in-built mesh bootie.  In terms of improvements from the original Carbon X; the heel pull tab is way better, and the heel cup seems to provide a better lockdown.
The most famous daily trainer of them all, the Nike Pegasus, is back with their 36th edition. For those who loved the Peg 35 then you can rejoice, as the 36 has only some very minor tweaks.
Carbon fibre plates and sub 2-hour marathons have been all the rage in the running world over the past 12 months.  Nike’s global marketing campaign surrounding the launch of the Vaporfly was sensational, the hype was off the charts. But the athletes delivered, with numerous road world records being...
Our first ever HOKA Mach review, will not be out last. One of HOKA’S nicest rides to date. The Mach 4 is a shoe designed as a sort of cross between a daily trainer, and lightweight speed shoe. It is lightweight, durable, and fast.  In the HOKA range, it fits somewhere between the Rincon and the Clifton. We whacked 84K into our pair, below is the rundown.