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It’s often forgotten how slowly and grudgingly full recognition was given to the fact that women could actually run. Women weren’t allowed to compete in Olympic track and field until 1928, when the 100 metres and the 800 were the only two running events. The 800 was dropped after confected hysteria over some of the competitors finishing in a ‘distressed state’, a criterion which somehow never applied in the men’s event.
Brooks Adrenaline is up to its 21st iteration, a successful shoe, no doubt.  Brooks really lead the way in durability; the Adrenaline GTS 21 is another tough, absolute workhorse of a shoe. The Adrenaline GTS 21 is a support shoe, designed for runner’s who want some traditional stability control.  It’s reliable daily trainer designed to provide maximum stability to correct overpronation for runners of all levels and abilities.
For the very first time in our history, World Athletics is reaching out to the entire international athletics community to participate in a Global Conversation and contribute insights and feedback that will shape the future direction of the sport for the next decade. This year World Athletics has committed to...
Julian starts the marathon block while trying to sort out his knee issues. Brad struggles with illness halfway through the week, setting him to make a call on running Sydney10. Brady puts down a Moose fartlek before also coming down with illness. Linden Hall set a new record at Run The Tan...
Just two days after Sifan Hassan clocked a world 10,000m record of 29:06.82 in Hengelo, Ethiopia’s Letesenbet Gidey – competing on the same track in the Dutch city – improved the mark by five seconds with 29:01.03* to win the Ethiopian Trials on Tuesday (8). The world silver medallist, who...
Stewart McSweyn and Jessica Hull have both secured automatic nominations to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics at the Melbourne Track Classic.
“I think most Australians would be absolutely shocked to learn just how little funding there is for athletes,” Peter Bol’s manager James Templeton 
No doubt about who carried off the top honours in the BMW Berlin-Marathon on Sunday since Ethiopians won the men’s and women’s title. It was, however, a day of disappointment for Kenenisa Bekele by his own superlative standards. Guye Adola won the men’s crown, running 2:05:45 to finish ahead...
There I was, standing in the bowels of Hampden Park in my stockinged feet, my shoes with one of the athletes in what could charitably be called ‘my charge’, the other whisked away to heaven knows where by a Glasgow 2014 official and coming back heaven knows when.
Olli Hoare has turned heads, again, this time smashing the Australian indoor 5000m record in Boston.  Hoare knocked a whopping 24 seconds off the old mark clocking an astonishing 13:09.96 for the win. The time also slashed 12 seconds off his old pb of 13:22.16.