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‘A Body Built on Pain’ The Training of Herb Elliott © 2017 Runner’s Tribe, all rights reserved. “I find that orthodox training is drudgery because it’s so unnatural to run for hours on end on a circular track.”   - Herb Elliott Sources The Golden Mile, by Herb Elliott as told to...
‘El Caballo’ The Training of Alberto Juantorena © 2021 Runner’s Tribe, all rights reserved “The secret to being a good runner is that you must sacrifice your life for it. You must train hard; eat well, with not too many parties and not too much sex. You must have a lot of...
Runner's Tribe caught up with Olympic 800m semi-finalist Charlie Hunter for our 6th podcast ep, check it out here..... Within the podcast are many hidden gems. We dived into his training, and below is an outline. 
World record marathon runner, Eliud Kipchoge, knows how to train hard. With a 2:01.39 world record time to his name, anything this great man does, garners attention. But Kipchoge is a huge advocate for mental training, as well as physical.  He likes to remind everyone that running is a privilege, not an obligation. And that discipline is key.
In 2017 Runner’s Tribe published a book referred to as ‘The Bible of Australian Marathon Running’. This 347-page paperback publication interviews Australia’s 10 fastest ever female and male marathon runners, and dives deep into their training, race preparation, diet and much more. In this exclusive feature article for Runner’s Tribe Addict, we bring you some of the coolest snippets from the book; we take a look at some of these amazing athlete’s favourite sessions. Athletes studied: Lee Troop - Something to Prove Lisa Weightman - More than just a Marathoner Pat Carroll - The True Competitor Benita Willis - Our Fastest Ever Derek Clayton - Leading the Way Robert de Castella - ‘Deeks’ de Master                    Steve Moneghetti - The Inspiration of a Generation Lisa Ondieki - Track & Mileage: To the Extreme Brad Camp - Complete Dedication Jessica Trengove - Genuinely Inspiring
In February 2004, Lee Troop was a man on a mission. His goals for 2004 were to have a crack at the Australian Marathon Record (2:07.51 held by Robert de Castella) at the London Marathon and to finish in the top 10 at the Athen’s Olympic Marathon. To achieve these goals, Lee changed his training focus from the more traditional Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday ‘hard / quality sessions’ to the following, more ‘marathon specific’ training program.
In early 2003 Mona was interviewed by Neil Macdonald. The below training schedule and training/running tips are courtesy of Neil Macdonald.  Neil MacDonald managed the Geelong Region Cross Country team from 2000-2007.
Kerryn McCann was best known as a marathoner – but she was one of Australia’s best all-round distance runners. As Len Johnson states in 'Australian Marathon Stars' - "She didn’t have a mean bone in her body, but she was a fierce competitor who didn’t like to lose." She was best known for winning the marathon at the 2002 and 2006 Commonwealth Games.
The Training of Steve Cram © 2017 Runner’s Tribe, all rights reserved. "Despite what some coaches might say, the majority of past successes were built on a sound endurance background forged by most on the mud and hills of strength-building cross-country events. Bypass this as an integral part of a competitive...
Forty-two years after his death, Steve Prefontaine continues to inspire countless runners around the world who aim to emulate his fierce competitiveness, toughness and fearless front running racing style. The charismatic Oregonian was such an enigma he was sometimes classed the ‘James Dean of track and field.’ Like his Hollywood counterpart, Pre died in a car crash at just 24 years of age. All these years later,  Pre still remains the most celebrated runner in American history. As Alberto Salazar put it - “He made running cool.” Runner’s Tribe spent countless hours researching the training behind this American idol, spoke to inside sources, old training partners and those who actually knew Pre, in real life.  Below is the most detailed account of Pre’s training ever published.