“I ran my first sub-4 mile in 1977 and since then have run 136 more. Nobody has run as many sub-4’s as I have.”

–  Steve Scott

Free Sources:

  • Steve Scott & Marc Bloom, Steve Scott the Miler Macmillan (1997)
  • Tony Benson and Irv Ray, Run with the Best (2001).
  • Steve Scott 1981-1982 Training logs.
  • IAAF.
  • DOB: 5th May 1956, Upland, California, United States.

Personal Bests

  • 800m: 1:45.05
  • 1500m: 3:31.76
  • Mile:  3:47.69
  • 2000m: 4:58.6
  • 3000m: 7:36.69
  • 5000m: 13:30.39

Career Highlight

  • World Championship 1500m Silver, Helsinki, 1983.
  • 1977 NCAA Men’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships Division-I 1500-meter title

Note: This is part 2 of a 2 part series.  Part 2 looks into Steve Scott’s training during the earlier stages of his career, when his fastest times were achieved.  To read part 1 (training during the later stages of Scott’s career) click here

Steve Scott is one of the greatest milers in American history. The silver medalist in the 1500 metere at the 1983 Helsinki World Championships, Scott still holds the U.S. indoor record in the 2000 meters (4:58.6-1981). He held the American outdoor mile record for more than 26 years and is also the former American indoor record holder for the mile.  

Training Diaries

In 2004, Steve Scott gave permission for his 1981-82 training logs to be published on letsrun.  View the thread here

Below, we have outlined these previously published training diaries, but also provided an anaylsis of the training.

Some Insights:

  • Similar to the training outlined by famous Australian coaches such as Pat Clohessy, Chris Wardlaw or Richard Telford, Scott’s training was a mix of distance work and faster intense workouts, all year-round.  During winter, his training did not just consist of mileage and long runs, but also short, sharp work.
  • He ran twice a day, most days.  
  • Scott’s training didn’t seem to change much throughout the year.  The track sessions would ramp up a gear closer to racing season and the mileage would be reduced slightly.  
  • He did tempo runs all the time.  Today we chuck around the phrase ‘tempo runs’ all the time and most runners schedule 1-2 of them per week into their training.  Back in Scott’s era it seems as though the majority of his runs would be classed as ‘tempo’ runs by today’s definitions.  The high number of tempo runs is something also seen in the training of Steve Cram.
  • He raced a lot.  A lot more than the average athlete of today’s era. His regularity in racing is similar to John Walker. Read about Walker’s training HERE.
  • He was no machine, he was indeed human. His training logs has numerous days where he felt exhausted, flat, heavy, or “like shit”.
  • He was versatile. His range extended from 800m (1:45) all the way to 10km road races.
  • He did hill work all the time.  Sessions on hills, long runs over hills. As the saying goes, ‘he lived in the hills.’
  • He rested when required. His diary has rest days due to niggles or sickness. He didn’t obsess over lost days.
  • His mileage wasn’t crazy high.  It never seemed to exceed 100 miles per week. The emphasis seemed to be less mileage, but at a higher quality.
  • He did true interval sessions on average once weekly only.  However, he usually did a second session which consisted of some sort of speed or power type training (strides or hills for example).  By far the majority of Scott’s training consisted of pretty fast paced runs of between 5 and 10-15 miles.

Scott’s training logs are provided below. Please note the below is not original content and it’s source can be located HERE


9/7: 5miles.  Bad cold.
9/8: 5miles
9/9: 10miles
9/10: AM 5miles.  PM 10miles.
9/11: AM 5miles. PM 10miles.
9/12: 10miles
9/13: 10miles

Weekly mileage: 70.

9/14: AM: 7miles at good pace.  PM 7 hard miles.
9/15: 10 miles.
9/16: AM 5miles.   PM 10 mile fartlek.
9/17: AM 10miles.  PM 5miles.
9/18: PM 10miles.
9/19: AM 5miles.  PM 10miles.
9/20: 10miles.

Weekly mileage: 90

9/21: AM 5miles.  PM Warmup, did 3x(330-220-440) @ 60 second 400m pace, warmdown
9/22: AM 5miles. PM 5miles.
9/23: AM 5miles.  PM warmup, 220 @ 27, then 880 in 1:50. Felt good, under control, warmdown.
9/24: AM 5 miles then fly to NY.
9/25: AM Ran the course and a little more.  PM 10miles with John, Tom, and Ray. Nice run.
9/26 AM 5th Avenue Mile. 3mi in the morning. Jogged warmup. Got 7th 3:53.8. Felt okay till last 400m. Ran CP loop for 7mile warm-down.
9/27 AM 10 miles with Walker.  PM 5 miles.

Weekly mileage: 85

9/28: 15 mile hills
9/29: AM 5miles.  PM 5miles
9/30: AM 5miles.  PM 10 miles
10/1: AM 5miles.  PM 10miles.
10/2: AM 5miles.  PM 10miles.
10/3: AM 5miles very slow.  PM 10miles.
10/4: AM Central Park 5k. Jogged to start of race. Ran 13:50 for 5km around park. Jogged around the park after. PM 6 miles.

Weekly mileage: 97

10/5: PM 10miles.
10/6: AM 7miles.  PM 3miles.
10/7: AM 5miles.  PM 10miles. Felt bad very hot
10/8: AM 5miles.  PM 10miles.
10/9: Warmup, 3x(3x1000m) w/ 500m jog Avg. 2:49, last one in 2:40., warmdown.

10/10 AM 5 miles. PM 5 miles
10/11: AM MetroCenter. 10km. 2mi warmup/cooldown.1st 29:26. PM Ran 5miles in evening.

Weekly mileage: 86

10/12: PM 10miles
10/13: AM 5miles.  PM 10 mile hard fartlek
10/14: AM 5miles.  PM ran 10x Sage Dr. hill. Very tired. Ran home from hill. Very hard workout. Felt like shit!
10/15: AM 5miles.  PM 8miles.
10/16: AM 5miles. PM 7miles.
10/17: AM 5miles.  PM 5miles.
10/18: AM 8miles. PM 2miles.

Weekly mileage: 85

10/19: PM 8×1000-500m. 3min 5min. Avg. 2:47 last 2:42. 1:22 fast 1:10. Was hot, good workout. Ran home.(14mi)
10/20: 15mile run out the canal. Good pace.
10/21: Fly to LA for PR stuff. AM 5miles easy.  PM 5 miles.
10/22: PM 20x Roast hill. 11miles.
10/23: AM 5mi PM 10miles.
10/24: AM 5miles. Very sore from stride-outs. PM 10miles at good pace.
10/25: AM 5mile canal loop. PM 10miles up South Mtn. Good, back hard.

Weekly mileage: 95

10/26: PM Ran up to canal. 10x1000m, 500m jog rest. Avg. 2:47, last in 2:39. Ran back. 15miles.
10/27: AM 10miles slow, sore from yesterday. PM 5 miles good pace. Lifted at home.
10/28: AM 5miles.  PM Ran 10miles , pretty quick. Quads still hurt.
10/29: AM 5miles.  PM 30x Roost hill hard. Was a good workout. Ran home.
10/30: AM 5miles.  PM 5miles.
10/31: 10mile easy southern loop.
11/1: AM 5miles easy. PM 10miles.

Weekly mileage: 90miles.

11/2 10miles easy.
11/3: AM 5miles.  PM 13mile fartlek up South Mtn. Good hard run.
11/4: AM 2miles.  PM 10miles.
11/5: AM 5miles easy.  PM warmup, 3x 500-1000-500 2mi rest , 5min between sets. 1:21-2:45-1:24, 1:23-2:47-1:23, 1:23-2:41-1:24. Ran home, good workout.
11/6: AM 5miles easy. PM 5miles easy.
11/7: AM 6miles easy. Went to ASU game.
11/8: Northbank 10k Race was ok, Hunt movedw/ 2mi left. Legs heavy. 2nd 28:47.

Weekly mileage: 85

11/9: 15 miles run up South Mtn. Good pace.
11/10: AM 5miles. PM 5 miles. Easy.
11/11: AM 5miles @ good pace. Fly to CA. PM 10miler hard w/ Tom.
11/12: AM 5miles easy. PM 10 miles easy
11/13: PM 10x Roast hill, very steep.10miles.
11/14: AM 5miler. PM Ran Southern loop.
11/15: AM ASU Homecoming 10k. Ran wrong way, tied for 1st w/ Pete. PM 7miles easy.

Weekly mileage: 95

11/16: 15 miles
11/17: PM Hilly ridge workout. 8miles.
11/18: AM 5miles.  PM went to Sage Dr w/ ASU team. 40×120 hills, hard.
11/19: AM 5miles easy. PM 10miles easy
11/20: 15miles on South Mtn, good pace.
11/21: 5mile run.
11/22: DNR – drove to Pinetop. Quail hunting.

Weekly mileage: 70

11/23: AM 5miles easy.  PM 10miles good, hard.
11/24: AM 5mile run. PM 10mile run on dirt
11/25: AM 5mile easy.  PM Ran up South Mtn. w/ Pete. Felt like shit.
11/26: PM 5 miles before dinner. 15 people over.
11/27: Fly to Burbank. TAC clinic. PM Ran over course (wet, muddy, hilly).8miles.
11/28: TAC XC. Race ok.  Ran stupid. 6th: Royle, Salazar, Swede, Rose, Hunt. 12miles.
11/29: AM 5miles, PM 5miles easy.

Weekly mileage: 80

11/30: PM ran w/Matt and Pete 15miles along canal.
12/1: Fly to OC. PM 10mile run. Dinner w/ Sub-4 people.
12/2: AM 5miles easy. PM 10mile fartlek. Spoke at Huntington Beach HS.
12/3: PM 10 miles.
12/4: PM 15miles.
12/5: DNR. Fly to Ontario.
12/6: Sub-4 10km. Race was okay. Didn’t run tough. Lost 2 guys in last mile. 28:28 PR

Weekly mileage: 80

12/7: AM 5 miler. Fly to Reno.  PM 10miles Good pace.
12/8: AM 5miles in Reno. Flew home. Felt like shit. PM 5miles at home.
12/9: AM 5miles. PM 14miles Ray/Pete/Me ran South Mtn hills, good pace.
12/10: Flew to Ill.  PM Ran 10miles good pace. Very cold, jaw froze.
12/11: Tested at OD camp. 3miles on treadmill, then hard 10miles w/ Masback, Theriot and Byers. 2mile cooldown.
12/12: AM 55min run with Lacy and Byers. Then ran ¾ mi for filming.
12/13: AM 8mile run (slow-good-hard), Rolling Stones concert. Stones were great!

Weekly mileage: 90

12/14: AM 5miles.  PM 30xhill hard. Good workout, tired.
12/15: AM 5miles PM 10miles.
12/16: PM 10miles.
12/17: AM 3miles. PM: Ran to canal for mile repeats: (5:15/4:38)(5:25/4:34)(5:40/4:31)(5:55/4:26)and ran home. Good workout.
12/18: AM 7miles easy. Drove to Victorville to speak with Len. Got home at 2am. 12/19 DNR. Flew to San Diego.
12/20: Festival of Lights 10k. 1st 28:50. Beat Pheffer, Mendoza, Lux. +10mi run. (20miles total)

Weekly mileage: 85

12/21: 5miles, back of knee near tendons hurt.
12/22: DNR – hurt.
12/23: Hurt. 5miles.
12/24: Hard 10miles fartlek in the afternoon.
12/25: DNR – ate too much turkey.
12/26: AM 10mies in the Southills. PM 5mile run.
12/27: AM 5miles easy. PM 10mile Run up in foothills.

Weekly mileage: 50

12/28: AM 5miles easy. PM 10miles
12/29: AM 5miles, good pace. PM 20xhills, 20 each side and run home, fast.(15mi)
12/30: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi, felt tired.
12/31: AM 5mi, felt like shit. PM: 5mi
1/1: AM 5mi, PM 5mi felt real strong.
1/2: AM 5mi. PM 10mi easy
1/3: DNR – Flying to NZ

Weekly mileage: 80



1/4: Ran 10mi
1/5: 11mi run with Walker and Dave. Head spinning afterwards.
1/6: Ran to Cornwall Park. Did 3×400 on the street. (10mi)
1/7: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi in hills
1/8: AM 7mi. Easy PM ran 10×300 on grass field w/300 jog. Ran 45s, last in 41. (10mi)
1/9: Flew to Adelaide. PM 5mi easy
1/10: AM 5mi easy. PM 8×200 in 30s + 4mi.

Weekly mileage: 76

1/11: AM Jogged 2mi easy.110ºF. Beat Ken Martin in 8:36 2mi. (8mi)
1/12: Fly to Melbourne. PM 10mi good and hard.
1/13: 13mi
1/14: AM 4mi easy, PM Melbourne Mile. 1st 3:55.91 Jogged after. (6mi)
1/15: Flew to Sydney. 12mi good, hard pace.
1/16: AM 7.5mi around park PM 7.5mi
1/17: Am 7mi around park. PM 3mi jog.

Weekly mileage: 80

1/18: AM 5mi easy. PM. Sydney Mile. Race slow through 1200. Kicked like crazy the last lap. 1st in 3:58.8. Walker 0.2s back. 10mi
1/19: Flew to Christchurch. 13mi good hard
1/20: 8miles Hard PM 7mi fartlek.
1/21: AM 7mi easy, tired from yesterday. PM 3x(400-200). Hamstring hurt during last 200, finished anyway.(56-25)(59-27)(58-27). 10mi
1/22: Hamstring hurts, got therapy. 5 miles easy.
1/23: AM 5-6mi easy. PM Christchurch 1500m. Raced as plan, went w/rabbit, Walker boxed. Won in 3:37.8.
1/24:AM 11mi in the park. Good run. PM 5mi easy.

Weekly mileage: 80

1/25: John and I ran 7-8mi around airport. Left at 2pm.
1/26: AM 6mi easy. PM Hamilton 1000m. Race was okay, wore flats, hard track. 4th in 2:20.1. Jogged down after. (7mi)
1/27: AM 11mi w/John. Drove to Lake Tarawera. Caught 6lb1oz trout!
1/28: 10mi
1/29: AM 7mi with John. Hot and muggy. PM 3mi easy + strides.
1/30: AM 3mi easy. PM Auckland Mile. Race was good, slow early, 51 last lap. Won in 3:54.8, Walker made surge with 700 left. Went home.
1/31: AM 5miles. PM 13miles in the foothills.

Weekly mileage: 75

2/1: Sub-4 stuff all day. Ran good 10miler with Wysocki.
2/2: AM 5mi PM Went to UCLA, cold and windy. 4×400 (59-60) then 2×400-2×200 all slow. Jogged. (5mi)
2/3: AM 5mi easy PM 10mi very hard
2/4: AM 5mi. PM 5mi.
2/5: AM Ran 3mi easy. PM LA Times Indoor Mile. Race was a real bummer.Not committed, bad attitude. Was in position but never moved. No confidence. 4th 3:58 Padilla-Walker-Flynn. (7mi)
2/6: Drove to AZ. 15mi in the foothills.
2/7: AM 5mi good pace.

Weekly mileage: 75

2/8: DNR – Moved into new house
2/9: Fast, quick track workout. 4×150 then 4×150, 4×200, 3×300 +3mi jog. 10mi
2/10: DNR – Flew to San Diego for promotional work. Got home late.
2/11: No AM run. Flew to NY. PM ran 5mi in the Park. Cold.
2/12: AM 3mi. PM Wannamaker Mile. Race was great. Lead after 440. Beat Byers by .04s Won in 3:55.3. (7mi)
2/13: AM 3mi in NY. Flew to Ottawa. Ottawa Indoor Mile. Race was bad. Felt like I was fighting. Won in 4:00.3. (7mi)
2/14: DNR Traveled all day.

Weekly mileage: 35

2/15: Ran 10mi from school. Slept 12-14 hrs. No AM runs this week.
2/16: Warmed up and ran 4×150 w/ 50 jog, 3×300 w/100 jog, 2×400 w/ 200 jog.Great workout! Felt good, under control. Len thinks I can run fast this weekend! 7mi
2/17: Easy 9mi
2/18: Easy 5mi. Left for San Diego.
2/19: AM 3mi easy PM San Diego Indoor Mile. Race was a disaster. Went out too fast the pack stayed back. 56s first 400. Tried to push 3rd 400 instead of settling in. Lost it with one lap to go. 4th in 3:55.0. Walker won in 3:52.8. (7mi)
2/20: SF Mile. Race was a drag. Felt slow, tired. John won. I was 2nd 4:00.2. 6mi
2/21: 10mi in hills Good hard run.

Weekly mileage: 60

2/22: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi canal run. Good weights workout,too.
2/23: AM 7mi. PM 2x(500-450-400-350-300) No times given. 400 jog. Great workout. All 58 or faster. 37.9 last 300.
2/24: Had a fever yesterday. Ran 10mi easy.
2/25: Left for NY. Ran around park Very cold (20 below w/ windchill) 11mi
2/26: AM 3mi. PM. TAC Indoors. Race was real bad. Ran uninspired and unwilling. Race was there w/ 2laps to go, wasn’t tired. 5th in 4:03.0.
2/27: 13mi
2/28: AM 10mi @ good pace. PM 5mi easy.

Weekly mileage: 85

3/1: Felt bad today. Ran 10mi + lifted.
3/2: DNR – feel very sick. Fever, runny nose.
3/3: AM Ran 5mi loop – feel awful. PM Ran 10mi hard. Felt bad.
3/4: AM 5mi loop, felt bad, very tired. PM 10mi out an back hard.
3/5: AM 5mi loop pretty hard. PM ran 30xRoost hill and home. Great workout! (10mi)
3/6: AM 10mi PM 5mi easy.
3/7: Laguna Beach 10k. Won in 29:26. Kicked hard last 440. 10mi

Weekly mileage: 80

3/8: AM 5mi hard. PM 10mi hard .
3/9: 5mi PM 10mi Hard fartlek from house.
3/10: PM 10mi easy + lifting
3/11: AM 5mi PM 10mi South Mtn Hill loop.
3/12: PM 10 mi, weights Tired.
3/13: 30x110y on Sage dr. Hill. Very hard. 15mi
3/14: 15 mi easy

Weekly mileage: 95

3/15: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi easy. Lifted after.Good lifting.
3/16: PM 10mi fartlek with Pete. We were flying!
3/17: AM: Ran 5mi easy. PM 10mi to golf course and back
3/18: 12mi the Southern Mtn. loop. Went very well, hard up the hills. Weights.
3/19: AM 5mi loop. PM 10mi hard out camelback run. Felt great!
3/20: 10mi easy
3/21: AM 4mi easy. PM Did 30xSage Dr hills, ran back. Hard, great workout. (13mi)

Weekly mileage: 95

3/22: PM real easy 10 mi. Weights.
3/23: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard run. Supposed to be fartlek, tired at beginning, picked up to be fairly good run.
3/24: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard fartlek, fast/steady coming back.
3/25: PM Very tired. 10mi easy + Weights.
3/26: PM 10mi slow
3/27: AM Ran to Sage Dr. 15×200 hills. (13mi) Was a real bear! Great workout! Better than running the shorter ones. PM 5mi Quail loop.
3/28: AM 5mi PM 10mi canal loop. Left for NZ.

Weekly mileage: 93mi

3/29: DNR Flying to NZ.
3/30: AM 7mi. PM 8mi
3/31: AM 5mi w/ Ray, good pace. PM 10mi hard, Weights.
4/1: AM 5mi easy around the park. PM 10mi Very tough, hilly w/ Ray, John.
4/2: AM Easy 5mi. PM Easy 5mi with Ray + strides.
4/3: Auckland (road) Mile. 1st in 3:31.2. Beat Hillardt, Flynn, Walker. + 10mi after. (14mi)
4/4: AM 15mi with John + run home.

Weekly mileage: 85mi

4/5: PM 2mi time-trial 8:53. Felt ok, hot & windy + 5mi. (10mi)
4/6: AM 5mi easy. PM 5mi easy.
4/7: AM 5mi PM 5×200 w/200 jog, 1×1000-1×600-2×550-3×500-4×450-1×1000. Great workout, all 59-63pace.(10mi)
4/8: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard Weights.
4/9: AM 5mi PM 10mi easy Tired from yesterday.
4/10: AM 20×110 hills then ran home.(11mi) PM 3-4mi.
4/11: 15mi Good, hilly run.

Weekly mileage: 95

4/12: DNR – drove from CA to home.
4/13: AM 5mi PM 4x(660-660-440) w/ 220j, 110w. 440w between sets. 1:32-1:30-55.2, 1:30-1:31-54.5, 1:31-1:32-54.0, 1:33-1:30-53.8. 5mi cooldown. (15mi.)
4/14: AM 5mi PM 10mi easy loop. Very sore from yesterday. Weights.
4/15: AM 5mi felt good. PM 10mi fartlek, real good workout!
4/16: PM 5mi easy
4/17: AM 5mi PM Bruce Jenner Mile. Race was a bore. Last 200m kick. 1st 4:01.3
4/18: AM 5mi PM 15mi long run.

Weekly mileage: 85

4/19: 8×300 (47.5avg) 100j, 200j 1×400 (54.3), 400w. 16×200 (31.5avg) 100j, 100w. 1×400 (51.9). Good 5k type workout. Felt good. (10mi)
4/20: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard over hills. Weights.
4/21: AM 3mi easy. PM Good 10mi run. Played golf, shot an 89.
4/22: Left for Des Moines. 7mi + strides.
4/23: AM 3-4mi. PM Drake Relays 5000m. Race was ok, windy. Won in 13:52. Lead after 1mi, hurt in later stages. Jogged 5-6mi after. (11mi)
4/24: AM 10mi run in Des Moines. Went to meet. Flew home.
4/25: AM 5mi. PM 5 sets of 4×110, 1×220 hills. Ran home long way. (15mi)

Weekly mileage: 90

4/26: AM 5mi PM warmed up with ASU, ran 8mi. Felt like shit, feel like a cold is coming.
4/27: No AM run, felt bad. PM felt better. 2×600-500-450-400-350 all sub60 pace. Last 400 in 51.1 3mi warmup, 2mi cooldown. (8mi)
4/28: AM no run. PM 10mi Weights.
4/29: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard 52:00
4/30: AM 5mi PM 10mi, easy out, hard on return.
5/1: AM 4mi PM 9mi Weights.
5/2: 15mi South Mtn run w/ Pete.

Weekly mileage: 91

5/3: AM no run. PM 10mi easy + weights.
5/4: AM 5mi, felt real bad. PM 3×400 (58.4) w/ 200j, 800w, 800 (1:54.5), 400w, 400 (52.4). Easy workout. (7mi)
5/5: AM 5mi PM 10mi easy.
5/6: AM 5mi PM 2x(2×400-600-400-8×200) workout was great all times fast! (10mi)
5/7: AM 5mi. PM 5mi Drove to CA. Weights.
5/8: AM 10mi PM 2mi, golf – shot a 92.
5/9: 15mi run with John in the foothills.

Weekly mileage: 85

5/10: Felt really bad. In LA for promo work for Al Franken. Stopped at Cal Poly for easy 5mi, felt terrible.
5/11: AM 5mi PM 10mi
5/12: @ UCI. 2×400-800-400-6×200-3×400. Very good workout. 57-58, 1:54-58, 29s, 55-58-52. Jogged 6mi after. (13mi.)
5/13: AM 5mi PM 10mi easy
5/14: AM no run. PM 10mi Good run + strides.
5/15: AM 5mi easy. PM 5mi easy.
5/16: AM 3mi. PM Pepsi Mile. Race went well. 1200@3:00, 3:52.68. Paige was good. Jogged 6mi after.

Weekly mileage: 80

5/17: AM 10mi felt real bad on run. Legs hurt from volleyball.Smoggy.
5/18: AM 5mi hard PM 10mi real hard fartlek. Great run, windy on return.
5/19: AM 5mi good pace PM 10mi good pace. Weights.
5/20: AM 5mi Felt tired, sore. PM 10mi real easy.
5/21: AM 5mi loop good pace. PM 3x(400-800-400) 200j, 400x b/sets. 58-1:56-58, 58-1:58-57, 58-1:57-55. Good workout, not real hard.(8mi)
5/22: 10mi. Easy, moderate
5/23: AM 5mi.

Weekly mileage: 85

5/24: AM 5mi PM 10mi (3.5 hard, 3 easy, 3.5 very hard) good run.
5/25: AM 5mi easy, a little tired. PM 4x(400-350-300-250-200) 55.8-50.3-42.6-36-27.4 23.6 last 220. (8mi)
5/26: AM 3mi very easy PM 10mi easy
5/27: DNR – got home very late.
5/28: AM 5mi PM Sage Dr hill. 5x (4×100 1×200 uphill) good hard workout. Ran out and back hard. Weights. (15mi)
5/29: 10mi w/ Pete. Went tubing, had fun.
5/30: AM 5mi PM 10mi.

Weekly mileage: 85

5/31: AM no run. Big toe hurts. PM Good session for 800m this week. Ran 3×300, 4×250, 5×200 w/ 100w, 150j, 200j, 200w b/sets. 39s/26s all
at pace. (7mi)
6/1: DNR – Hip is very sore and big toe hurts.
6/2: AM 5mi hip is still sore but ran anyway. PM 10mi good pace, Weights.
6/3: AM 5mi, feel better. PM 300-200-400 (39.0-26.4-52.6). Feel tight, not real controlled. (8mi)
6/4: Went to SF for Al Franken promo work. Raced cable car uphill. Jogged. 5mi
6/5: AM 2mi jog. PM Prefontaine Classic. Race was easy, 1:46.64, outkicked them in last 100. Ran 2mi after.
6/6: 10mi easy run with John G.

Weekly mileage: 70

6/7: AM 5mi at good pace. PM 10mi. Good, hard.
6/8: AM 5mi easy felt sluggish. PM (500-200-400)(450-175-350)(400-150-300)(350-100-250) w/ 200j, 200w b/sets. 1st 3 sets all 53 pace or better. Last at 51 pace or better. Great workout. (7mi)
6/9: AM 5mi PM 5mi
6/10: AM 5mi. PM DNR Flew to Ontario (Cal).
6/11: 6mi run w/ John and Pete. Flew to Oakland.
6/12: AM 3mi PM Kinney Invite, UCB. Race was a bummer. Felt bad. 1st 3:54.1, Walker 2nd, Flynn 3rd. 6mi after. (10mi)
6/13: 16mi run in hills around Berkeley w/ Walker. Flew to Phoenix.

Weekly mileage: 77

6/14: 10mi easy, tired from yesterday. Long drive to Upland.
6/15: 5mi to stereo place to pick up car. Ran 5mi more later.
6/16: AM 5mi PM Ran 10×200 w/ 200j on grass. (5mi)
6/17: Flew all day. Ran to track and did some strides and ran back. 6mi
6/18: AM 2-3mi PM TAC 1500m heats. Won in 3:39.99. Very easy.
6/19: AM 3mi easy
6/20: TAC 1500m Final. Race was fast. Won in 3:34.92. Fricker led in 2:54, I took lead w/ 300 to go. Maree 2nd, Flynn 3rd.

Weekly mileage: 58

6/21: AM 10mi PM Flew to Oslo
6/22: AM No run PM 10mi hard in the hills above the lake. Nice day.
6/23: AM Ran 2 lake laps. PM Ran around the lake + 11×140 hard strides. (9mi total)
6/24: AM Ran @ lake PM 5×200 in 26-27 w/200j. Felt good. (8mi total)
6/25: No AM run. PM 5mi around the lake.
6/26: AM 3mi PM Bislett Mile. 1st Oslo win. Perfect conditions, can go faster. 3:48.53 AR, Maree 3:48.85, Moorcroft,Walker. Ran 5mi after. (8mi)
6/27: 15mi in the hills w/ John, Steve and Ray. Wet, cold but nice.

Weekly mileage: 70

6/28: AM 5mi easy PM 3mi + 9-9×150 good strides. (5mi)
6/29: AM 6mi around the lake + strides. PM flew to Budapest.
6/30: AM hilly 3mi PM Budapest 1500m. Race was good, felt tired before, windy. 56-1:55-2:55, 25 last 200. 1st 3:35.75, Walker 2nd. (4mi)
7/1: AM Flew to Oslo PM 10mi w/ Mark Fricker, good pace. Felt good.
7/2: AM no run PM 6×220 in 25-26, tried to float. Good workout. 8mi
7/3: Ran to track, watched races, ran home. Feel good. 10mi
7/4: AM 2mi PM Byrikjelo 800m. ran 1:45.05 PR. 1st lap fast 51, finished good. Walker 2nd. (8mi)

Weekly mileage: 61

7/5: AM flew to Oslo PM 8mi around lake 3 times plus some strides.
7/6: AM no run. PM 6mi 2 times around the lake +strides. Easy.
7/7: AM ran around the lake. PM Oslo Mile. Race was very good. Not so hard. Didn’t move quite early enough. Felt under control. 57.3-1:53.8-2:51.9-3:47.69 AR Walker 2nd 3:49.08, Ray 3:49.77
7/8: 5mi
7/9: AM 3mi around park PM Paris 800m. Slow 1st lap even slow 3rd 200. Kicked hard in home straight, felt fast and strong. Beat Robinson 1:45.28-1:45.80. (5 mi)
7/10: AM flew to Lausanne. PM 10mi, hot, humid, smoggy.
7/11: 8mi along the lake + strides, jogging, push-ups, sit-ups. (10mi total)

Weekly mileage: 58

7/12: AM 5mi jog. PM 5×200 25-27s w/ 200j-w. (5mi)
7/13: 5mi w/ John, Mark & Doug in nice shaded park. Walked 3hrs in 90F!
7/14: AM 20min PM Lausanne 1500m. Race was hard. Didn’t feel strong before but still went for it. Halfway through just decided to win. Fast 3:32.22, Maree 3:32.7 (5mi)
7/15: AM 6mi easy PM Flew to London.
7/16: 5mi easy in the park, strides and stretched. Not feeling real peppy.
7/17: AM 3mi PM London 3000m. Race was bad. Felt tired from the start. Knew I was in trouble after 1200. 5th in 7:40.5 Moorcroft-Maree-Walker-Koech. (5mi)
7/18: DNR – Flew home.

Weekly mileage: 45

7/19: AM no run. PM 10mi run.
7/20: AM 10mi, very hot and humid. Felt like shit. PM 5mi Weights
7/21: AM 10mi PM 5mi @ SLO.
7/22: AM 5mi PM 10mi up this big mountain behind hotel. Good hard run.
7/23: AM 5mi PM 5mi at home. Weights
7/24: AM 5mi, was hot. PM 10 x 23rd and 24th Streets. (10mi) Felt good, good run.
7/25: Ran 15mi, hot & muggy.

Weekly mileage: 95

7/26: AM 5mi PM 10mi Weights.
7/27: AM no run PM 25x110y hills, fast. Good workout. 12mi
7/28: AM 5mi PM 10 mi Very hot, hilly run.
7/29: AM 5mi loop. PM 5mi Feel very stressed, too many interviews! Weights.
7/30: AM 5mi run PM 10mi
7/31: AM 5mi PM 10mi
8/1: 15mi run up to Ranger Station and back.Weights.

Weekly mileage: 95

8/2: PM 10mi easy.
8/3: AM 5mi jog PM@ SLO 2x(5×400) 400j, 400w between sets. Very good. 55.4, 56.8, 57.1, 56.4, 55.8, 55.1, 56.8, 56.2, 55.8, 52.8. (10mi)
8/4: AM 5mi PM 5mi jog, smoggy as hell, felt like shit.
8/5: AM 5mi PM 10mi in foothills up the back. Weights.
8/6: AM no run PM 600-500-400, 500-400-300, 300-200-400 all at 56.5 pace except first 500. Last 400 in 51.0 Great workout. ½ int. jog b/intvls., 400w/sets. 10mi
8/7: AM 10mi 1:00:00
8/8: AM 5mi PM 10mi in foothills.

Weekly mileage: 85

8/9: AM no run. PM (2×400)(800-400)(6×200)(3×400). 56.8/57.1, 1:53.6/58, 28s, 56.6/58.0/53. Great workout, felt good. 10mi
8/10: AM 5mi PM flew to Europe.
8/11: PM hard 5mi run, very hot and humid. Slept bad.
8/12: 5×200 26-27 last relaxed in 23.8. 6mi Noticed pain in my side
8/13: 5mi. Jog Chest very tight today, could barely breathe. Side very sore.
8/14: Nice 2000m. Stomach cramps all day. Bad race, luck it was slow. John barely beat me. 4:58.72 AR. 7mi
8/15: Flew to Zürich. Tried to run, side hurt badly. Took day off.

Weekly mileage: 38

8/16: Jogged 5mi. My side still hurts, I saw 3 Docs and all said something different. Feels better, though.
8/17: 5mi with Walker and Flynn. Felt much better today. Slight pull in my back by my shoulder blade.
8/18: Zürich 1500m. Ran like a turkey. Felt like I was going to tie up with one lap to go, but I didn’t. Got passed on last 100, responded
well but was boxed. Faded to 3rd behind Cram, Harbour. 3:34.18
8/19: AM flew to London. PM 5mi with John.
8/20: AM no run. PM London 1000m. Felt ok during warmup but ran like I was afflicted. Last 200 rigged very bad! No warmdown, got drug tested. 2:20.4 Cram won
8/21: 6mi @ 40min, felt good. Flew to Germany.
8/22: Köln 800m. Felt mush better, got too far behind, didn’t tie up, finished strong. 1:46.67 4th place. 8mi

Weekly mileage: 42

8/23: 8mi @ 50min with John.
8/24: PM 6mi w Ray some 150s. Felt good.
8/25: AM 3mi PM Koblenz Mile. Race was good, gave 100% last 200. 56-1:54-2:53.5 Sydney and I battled last 200 shoulder-shoulder; won 3:49.72-3:49.75. (6mi)
8/26: AM Took train to Brussels. PM 5mi (30min) felt very good.
8/27: Rabbitted 5000m for Walker. Set pace 7:55 for 3000m. 7mi
8/28: 7mi (45min) run with John and Ray. Left for Stuttgart.
8/29: Stuttgart 1000m. 2:17.58, beat Byers and John. Felt good. 3mi

Weekly mileage: 45

8/30: 7mi (42min), felt good.
8/31: AM Ran w/ Thomas. PM Ingleheim 2000m. Race was OK. Didn’t have anything left on last lap, lost contact. No desire.Too many races. Thomas won in 4:52.2. I was 2nd 4:54.71 PR. 7mi
9/1: Flew to NY. 7mi in CP
9/2: 9mi Ran 3 laps, last was fartlek. Feel good, adjusted to time.
9/3: DNR – Interview ran very late.
9/4: AM 3mi easy PM 5th Avenue Mile. Race was slow 2:58 1200m kicked hard from 200, stepped in pothole. Byers won in 3:51.3, I was 2nd 3:51.5. John and I ran 7.5mi after. (10mi).
9/5: 11mi (60min) with John around the park, pretty fast. Flew home.

Weekly mileage: 54

Training Summary

  • 52 week mileage: 4016 miles (77.2miles/wk)

43 Races in total

  • 3 x 1000m races: 2:20.1/2:20.4/2:17.58
  • 4 x 800m races: 1:46.64/1:45.05/1:45.78/1:46.67
  • 6 x 1500m races:  3:37.8/3:39.99/3:34.92/3:35.75/3:32.33/3:34.18
  • 18 x1-Mile races 3:53.8r/3:55.91/3:58.8/3:54.8/3:58.8i/3:55.3i/4:00.3i/3:55.0i/4:00.2i/4:03.0i/3:31.25r*/4:01.3/3:52.68/3:54.1/3:48.53/3:47.69/3:49.72/3:51.5
  • 2 x 2000m races:  4:58.72/4:54.71
  • 2 x 3000m races:  7:40.5/7:55h (rabbit)
  • 1 x 2 mile race: 8:36.6
  • 2 x 5k race: 13:50.4r/13:52
  • 5 x 10km race:  29:26r/28:47r/27:53XC/28:28r/28:50r

Overtraining Later in Career

“Irv (Ray) explained to Steve that he was continually destroying his endurance capacity by training too hard in the pre-competition track period” – Tony Benson

Staying at the top is never easy.  Scott believed that the harder he trained, the faster he would become and the longer he would be able to remain a 3:47 miler.  This desire to stay at his peak led to set-back after set-back and eventually resulted in Scott seeking help from world-renowned coach, Irv Ray.  To read more about this read part 1 here

Free Sources:

  • Steve Scott & Marc Bloom, Steve Scott the Miler Macmillan (1997)
  • Tony Benson and Irv Ray, Run with the Best (2001).
  • Steve Scott 1981-1982 Training logs.
  • IAAF.

Note: This is part 2 of a 2 part series.  Part 2 looks into Steve Scott’s training during the earlier stages of his career, when his fastest times were achieved.  To read part 1 (training during the later stages of Scott’s career) click here


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