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All the latest articles by world class runner, 2 X Olympian, NCAA All-American, 2010 NCAA indoor and outdoor 5000m champion, and RT columnist, David McNeill. PB's -

Event Result Venue Date
800m 1:50.81 Sacramento (USA) 16.05.2008
1500m 3:42.06 Lapinlahti (FIN) 19.07.2015
Mile 4:00.71 St. Louis (USA) 05.06.2014
Mile ind. 4:10.14 Bozeman (USA) 27.02.2010
3000m 7:51.11 Berlin (GER) 03.09.2016
3000m ind. 8:06.18 Fayetteville (USA) 15.03.2008
5000m 13:18.60 Heusden-Zolder (BEL) 07.07.2012
5000m ind. 13:36.41 Fayetteville (USA) 12.03.2010
10,000m 27:45.01 Palo Alto (USA) 02.05.2015
10 km Road 28:39 Manchester (GBR) 22.05.2016

When I first ventured to the US back in 2007 to take up an athletic scholarship, there were a number of cultural peculiarities foreign to this skinny little runner from Melbourne. The first was the prominence of tattoos. Everyone had them - all my teammates, and all the kids...
The modern technological age - first the Internet, and more recently, the advent of social media - has made everyone an expert at just about anything imaginable. Us runners, or at least the obsessive-compulsive variety, are a particularly curious breed of expertise-seekers. We want to know what, when, and...
Don’t Skimp on the Hills | A Runner’s Tribe Column by David McNeill When searching for company for my day-to-day runs during the week, often one of the barriers between running with someone and running alone is the choice of location. Most of the time, I don’t mind driving to...